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Videographer . Photographer . Editor

My name is Lucas Boutilier, and I was lucky enough to begin looking through a lens as early as grade seven, and I loved it! Shooting to film in those days, and developing skills in the dark room, really set up an early understanding of the fundamentals of photography and a passion to always learn more.


Then came the amazing experience at Victoria High School here in Edmonton. All three years of Television Arts programming, combined with a wonderful Technical Theatre program - which really honed the lighting and sound skills for later video productions - I became a more well-rounded creator of “anything through the lens,” graduating in 2001.


In 2004, my son was born and I picked up a new film camera, and got right back into film photography - having been away from it a few years while I really dove into video and filmmaking - after working on some film sets after high school.


By 2008 I had practiced long and hard on film photography, had been practicing video as well, and graduated myself into a Digital SLR, and that opened up the ability to start my company. I began with mostly theatre photography; archival shots of shows, theatre events like Nextfest and actors headshots, and after a year of that, I graduated into a DSLR that could do video too!


Throughout those years I’ve often entered competitions like the 24/One at Edmonton International Film Fest and online editing competitions along the way, winning a few awards along the way, including Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing for three different years short films.


The work has come from many different sectors because of the various skills I’ve garnered over the years. From short films, to music videos, to weddings, to theatre promos and archivals, to real estate photos and videos, to corporate and not for profit work, I have done a little bit of everything. Some of my clients include:


Edmonton Community Foundation

Freewill Shakespeare Festival

RE/MAX Real Estate

NextFest - Edmonton’s Emerging Artist Festival

Edmonton Fringe Festival

Vignettes Design Series

Destroy The Box

The Citadel Theatre


I’d love to hear about your creative projects and ideas. I’d love to produce something that brings in the audiences you’re after. I’d love to see your vision become exactly how you’ve imagined it.

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